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Nucleus Connect Gears Up ahead of its World’s First Open-Access Commercial Deployment


Launches key operating facilities, unveils competitive wholesale pricing and service offerings available to RSPs


Singapore, 6 May 2010 – Nucleus Connect Pte. Ltd. (Nucleus Connect), Singapore’s Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) Operating Company(OpCo) announced today that it has successfully achieved several important milestones ahead of its commercial launch of the world’s first open-access nationwide broadband network that would provide an initial downlink speed of 100 Mbps and scalable to 1 Gbps and beyond in the second half of 2010.


In an event graced by Mr Ronnie Tay, Chief Executive Officer of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA Singapore), Nucleus Connect launched its two Central Offices which house highly advanced optical network equipment that will empower the Next Gen NBN based on Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) and Optical Ethernet (OE) access technologies. Strategically located at the East and North of Singapore at Tai Seng Drive and Yishun respectively, they also house a state of the art Operations and Business support (OSS/BSS) system that will function as the heartbeat of the Next Gen NBN.


Nucleus Connect also unveiled its IDA-approved competitive wholesale interconnection offer (ICO) pricing for Retail Service Providers (RSPs). Officially today, RSPs can expect co-location, patching and interoperability testing services from Nucleus Connect. As part of Nucleus Connect’s commitment to help RSPs develop services for the end-users, this suite of service offerings were also made available to the RSPs since 31 March 2010 ahead of our commercial operations.


Mr Ronnie Tay, Chief Executive Officer of IDA Singapore said, “ The Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network project is on track.  The opening of Nucleus Connect’s Central Offices today marks a significant milestone for Nucleus Connect as the Next Gen NBN OpCo.  Retail Service Providers can leverage on the COs to test and validate their innovative Next Generation services, and prepare to offer them on the ultra-high speed broadband network.”


Mr David Storrie, Chief Executive Officer of Nucleus Connect said, “Both Central Offices have the capabilities and capacity to ensure a timely and smooth roll-out of the network. We believe that we have put in a world-class infrastructure which is scalable to accommodate any surge in demand. We are on track to delivering the Next Gen NBN from the second half of the year.”


Competitive and Regulated Interconnection Offer (ICO) Now Publicly Available to RSPs


As a wholesaler of superior bandwidth services, Nucleus Connect has no direct contact with the end-users. Retail broadband prices are determined by downstream RSPs and are subject to competitive prices. Nucleus Connect’s Open Access approach ensures that RSPs can now obtain prices of its wholesale bandwidth services on a fair and non-discriminatory basis. These are made public to all Qualified Persons (QPs) and RSPs in very granular detail at IDA’s website, (For details, please refer to Annex A for wholesale price list). As part of its commitment to offer flexible service offerings to the RSPs, Nucleus Connect has also made provisions to allow RSPs to add additional capacity to support multiple service offerings.


Strong suite of services to enable RSPs to get onto the Next Gen NBN quickly


The launch of Nucleus Connect’s Central Offices underscores its commitment to enable RSPs to develop their service offerings more quickly, so that they are able to offer a wide range of services to the end-users from the second half of this year. For a start, co-location, patching and interoperability testing services are now made immediately available to the RSPs. For instance, RSPs can now co-locate with Nucleus Connect at both of its Central Offices which occupy over 90,000 sq ft. This allows RSPs to place their equipment right inside Nucleus Connect’s Central Offices; and enjoy the advantages of the close proximity to the heartbeat of the Next Gen NBN. In this way, RSPs can be assured that they are able to deliver high-quality services to the end-users with minimal disruption to their network.


The Interoperability Testing (IOT) service allows RSPs to test and validate their services over a simulated Next Gen NBN environment as it verifies all network and connectivity tests to ensure proper interconnection between the RSPs’ and Nucleus Connect’s network. The interoperability tests performed will give the confidence that RSPs are able to provide the desired broadband experience to their end-users before they go live. David Storrie added, “Nucleus Connect’s open-access approach will bring significant value to the RSPs to use the new network infrastructure for bandwidth hungry service offerings, without the need to incur huge capital expenses on asset renewal. End-users can expect to get much faster speeds once the service is fully commercialised, compared to today’s for similar prices. ”


Nucleus Connect has also established a Network Operations Centre (NOC) to monitor its entire network operations from one central surveillance point. The NOC houses the world’s best networking equipment and surveillance systems – all designed to ensure seamless management of Nucleus Connect’s Next Gen NBN. Through the NOC, network problems can be detected to ensure optimal service delivery to our RSPs.


Nucleus Connect will work together with the Next Gen NBN Network Company (NetCo), on a coordinated nationwide rollout of the network. It is expected to start offering commercial services in the coming months, and be ready to fulfil its Universal Service Obligations of meeting all reasonable requests for service from 2013.


Note to Editor:

1. The Next Gen Nationwide Broadband Network comprises three key conceptual industry layers, the Network Company (Next Gen NBN NetCo), the Operating Company (Next Gen NBN OpCo) and the Retail Service Providers (RSPs). The Next Gen NBN NetCo is responsible for the design, build and operation of the passive infrastructure layer. Nucleus Connect, the Next Gen NBN Operating Company (OpCo) will be responsible for the design, build and operation of the active infrastructure to provide wholesale broadband connectivity to Retail Service Providers, the downstream operators.




About Nucleus Connect Pte. Ltd.

Incorporated on 14 April 2009, Nucleus Connect is responsible for designing, building and operating the active infrastructure of Singapore's Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN). We will offer comprehensive and flexible services that will help Retail Service Providers select and deliver broadband connectivity services to their target markets quickly and seamlessly, bringing a more enriching experience to the end-users. Visit for more information.



- Annex A – ICO Price List

- Annex B – Nucleus Connect’s Service Offerings

- Annex C – Glossary

- Annex D – Nucleus Connect’s other key milestones


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