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Nucleus Connect Commences Commercial Operations to Power Infinite Possibilities on Singapore’s Nationwide Ultra High-Speed Fibre Network


Next Gen Operating Company to play key role to spur development of innovative services


Singapore, 31 August 2010 – The future has arrived. Today, Nucleus Connect Pte. Ltd. (Nucleus Connect), Singapore’s Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) Operating Company (OpCo) officially announced that it has commenced commercial operations to power infinite possibilities onboard Singapore’s Next Gen NBN. As the official Next Gen NBN Operating Company, Nucleus Connect plays a pivotal role in spurring the development of a competitive and vibrant broadband market for Singapore by providing Retail Service Providers (RSPs) with open access and superior wholesale connectivity services on the Next Gen NBN. Nucleus Connect was appointed by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA Singapore) on 3 April 2009 to design, build and operate the active infrastructure of this super highway. Its advanced and best of breed Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) and Optical Ethernet (OE) technologies will enable RSPs to develop innovative services at competitive prices for all businesses and homes in Singapore.


Mr David Storrie, Chief Executive Officer of Nucleus Connect said, “Today marks a historical moment not only for Nucleus Connect but also for Singapore’s infocomm future as we transform Singapore into a global city, an intelligent nation. It signals the beginning of a journey of infinite possibilities, made possible by our commitment to empower RSPs to develop services beyond our imagination. Nucleus Connect will continue to play a key role in the development of Singapore’s Next Gen NBN eco-system through our world-class active infrastructure, reliable service delivery and open access approach to the RSPs. We are confident that businesses and consumers can enjoy rich and innovative content, applications and services from a variety of RSPs in the near future.”


Nucleus Connect also unveiled the RSPs who have come onboard its network. For a start, 5 RSPs - LGA, M1, Singtel, StarHub and SuperInternet have signed up to the master interconnection offering with Nucleus Connect. Nucleus Connect has been working with a number of them to set up connectivity to Nucleus Connect’s network and complete the required interoperability testing (IOT) so that they are prepared to provide services over the Next Gen NBN to their business and residential customers upon launch. The IOT service allows RSPs to test and validate their services over a simulated Next Gen NBN environment as it verifies all network and connectivity tests to ensure proper interconnection between the RSPs’ and Nucleus Connect’s network. The interoperability tests performed will give the confidence that RSPs are able to provide the desired broadband experience to their end-users before they go live.


Very soon, these RSPs will be ready to launch their services. Businesses and home owners can look forward to pervasive, competitively priced, ultra-high broadband speeds of up to 1 Gbps which will transform the way they currently work, live, learn and interact. Some of the possible exciting Next Generation services include high-speed internet access, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), High Definition Video Surveillance, Digital Signage and Wide Area Networks to support cloud computing type services. Businesses, large and small, will find it more competitive and easier to access ultra high-speed broadband, and be able to use these services more extensively to boost productivity and competitiveness. Nucleus Connect’s world-class infrastructure of Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) and Optical Ethernet (OE) access technologies will form the backbone to enable quick and seamless delivery of RSPs’ services to business and home end-users.


Enabling the RSPs


Daniel Ang, CEO of LGA Telecom Pte Ltd said, “I am excited that Nucleus Connect is now ready to offer services on Next Gen NBN. This is truly radical. We have spent a year preparing for this launch and it has finally arrived. This truly marks a new era in business communications. It will place Singapore as a leader in info-communications.”


“We are excited to play a role in the development of a vibrant and competitive infocomm market in Singapore. M1 has been working closely with Nucleus Connect towards the launch of Next Gen NBN services and we look forward to continuing our partnership. Supported by Nucleus Connect’s reliable service delivery and open access approach, we will continue to develop new and innovative services on the new fibre network for homes and offices,” said Karen Kooi, Chief Executive Officer of M1.


“The Next-Gen NBN marks a major turning point in Singapore’s telecoms and broadband industry. It will undoubtedly offer us significant opportunities to deliver new and enhanced next-generation multimedia services for businesses and consumers across the island. In the enterprise space, with our ability to now access over 20,000 locations across the island, more companies will finally have the freedom of choosing high-quality info-communications services from one of Singapore’s most trusted business service providers. On the consumer front, the new network will augment StarHub’s strengths in delivering high-speed broadband services with higher uplink speeds and enhanced Quality of Service. It will also give us an additional platform to deliver pay TV content that will meet the high-standards that we have already established with our quality video broadcast on our proven cable infrastructure. ” said Neil Montefiore, CEO of StarHub.


“SuperInternet is glad that with the launch of Nucleus Connect, the cost of the local loop within Singapore has finally been brought in line with other liberalised telecom markets. SuperInternet's cloud based service offerings have thus far been hindered by the high cost of local loop as previously, there has not been much choice in Singapore for local loop services. With affordable high speed local loop in Singapore finally becoming a reality, cloud based services are no longer being stifled by disproportionate component costs. SuperInternet is pleased to finally be able to compete in the more equitable regime offered by the Next Gen NBN,” echoed Benjamin Tan, Director of SuperInternet.


  Note to Editor:


1. The Next Gen Nationwide Broadband Network comprises three key conceptual industry layers, the Network Company (Next Gen NBN NetCo), the Operating Company (Next Gen NBN OpCo) and the Retail Service Providers (RSPs). The Next Gen NBN NetCo is responsible for the design, build and operation of the passive infrastructure layer. Nucleus Connect, the Next Gen NBN Operating Company (OpCo) will be responsible for the design, build and operation of the active infrastructure to provide wholesale broadband connectivity to Retail Service Providers, the downstream operators.




About Nucleus Connect Pte. Ltd.


Incorporated on 14 April 2009, Nucleus Connect is responsible for designing, building and operating the active infrastructure of Singapore's Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN). We offer comprehensive and flexible services that will help Retail Service Providers select and deliver broadband connectivity services to their target markets quickly and seamlessly, bringing a more enriching experience to the end-users. Visit for more information.



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