Select, build & scale concept

Customise Your Own Backbone Infrastructure


Across the active network, we have designed a “Select, Build & Scale” model for you to be connected to your customers.


Our solution experts adopt an open and personalised approach in consultation with you, to design the most efficient backbone that maximises bandwidth utilisation.


Our Connectivity services offers a flexible matrix as shown below:


Connect In :

The 1GE or 10GE service port, with upgradable options

Connect Through :

The Core or Aggregation layer with symmetrical committed bit rate of 250Mbps, with upgradable options 

Connect To :
The Access Network, which is the last mile connecting you to your customers (residential and non-residential), or a location with no physical address , with upgradable options
  For broadcasting, an IP Multicast connection is available at the Core & Aggregation layers.


This matrix helps you put together a robust backbone infrastructure that delivers the level of network performance you are expecting.